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Vegan: Kick the Fat Vegan Kitchen, 34 Healthy Vegan Recipes For A Low-Fat Plant-Based Lifestyle (Easy Vegan Cookbook with Photos) (English Edition)


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Are you looking for Easy Vegan Recipes that go well with your Healthy Eating and Weight-Loss Goals?

Kick The Fat Vegan Kitchen has 34 delicious and filling low-fat vegan recipes with photos of each recipe and metric versions included. Why sift through thousands of recipes when you only need a few excellent ones? These are my favorite recipes I make again and again.

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If you want to cook healthy vegan food, but most recipes are too fattening, complicated or have unfamiliar ingredients, try the recipes in this cookbook. They are oil-free, use commonly found ingredients, and most of them take little time to prepare.

Nutritional information included for each recipe: calories, fat grams, carbohydrates and protein grams.

Experience the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle by replacing high-fat prepared foods with whole foods that are tasty and satisfying.

Most people have the desire to eat healthy but never get started. The recipes in Kick The Fat Vegan Kitchen will help you stay motivated because they are easy and delicious, whether you are vegan or not.

This cookbook is suitable for healthy lifestyles including:>

  • High carb low fat
  • Plant-based
  • Starch-based
  • Weight-loss
  • Heart-healthy

Whether you’re looking for low-fat recipes for weight loss, or are a seasoned plant-based vegan you’ll find many delicious recipes to add to your favorites!

Would you like to Kick The Fat out of your diet?

Download Kick The Fat Vegan Kitchen: 34 Healthy Vegan Recipes For A Low-Fat Plant-Based Lifestyle NOW to start preparing delicious foods that are low-fat, healthy and easy!

You’ll be glad you did!