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Tummy Tuck Belt – Weight Loss – Fat Burning Waist Cincher – Burn Fat While Sitting Down – Belly Fat will Melt Away


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The Thermoscience Weight Loss Belt Uniformly Compresses to Shrink Fat Cells So They take up the Minimum Amount of Space Possible, Ignite and Increase Sweat Glands, while simultaneously Reducing and Eliminating Excess Body Weight. The Thermoscience Weight Loss Belt Immediately Redistributes Your Fat Cells, Improving Weight Loss and Eliminating Stomach Fat.

The Thermoscience Weight Loss Belt was Scientifically Engineered to support your lower back through a comfortable, supportive compression while strengthening your inner core! This powerful combination of Therapeutic Heat, Supportive Compression, and Muscle Stimulation will:

– Raise Body Temperature

– Maximize Metabolism

– Strengthen Abdomen Muscles

– Support Lower Back Muscles

– Remove Excess Water

– Increase Blood Circulation

– Revitalize & Rejuvenate Your Body

Our Adjustable Neoprene Waist Trimmer is 40″ long and its widest point is 8 ½ inches! Almost Everyone can Instantly begin Melting Pounds away by simply wearing the Thermoscience Weight Loss Belt:

– Find the Perfect Fit and Securely Lock the Belt in place

– Wear it over or underneath clothing to Lose Weight Anywhere!

– Exercise While Wearing it to Increase Results

– Begin Melting Inches Off Your Waist by Doing Daily Tasks, While Allowing the Weight Loss Belt to do the work for You!

Top Rated Waist Trimmer – Shed Pounds of Fat Fast! Scientifically engineered to retain body heat and use thermogenic properties to destroy fat
Velcro closure provides easy, adjustable fit for most people; Fully adjustable to accommodate users with different needs
Professionally engineered to retain body heat in the waist area to remove excess water weight during exercise
One size fits most; high-quality 7.5 x 42″ waist trimmer belt can fit up to 46″; Exerts uniform compression to support lower back and abdominal muscle
Made of 100% latex free neoprene, provides the ultimate support with the finest materials