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Set of 2 Functional Fitness Pull Up Bands – #2, #4 – 20 – 115 lbs (9 – 52 kg) – Resistance. For Assisted Pull Ups Muscle Ups Calisthenics CrossFit Powerlifting Physical Therapy Pilates Stretching Street Workouts Full-Body Functional Fitness Workouts


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Why Pull Ups?
Pull ups are a great way to strengthen your entire upper body. This multi-purpose exercise is composed of complex movements that allow you to engage multiple fitness/”>muscle groups. This offers a few distinct advantages such as a more efficient workout and decreased risk of injury.

Want to add pull ups into your workout routine don�t think you can?
Our bands will give you the help you need so you can capitalize on all the great benefits pull ups have to offer.

Why Bands?
Our bands offer pull up assistance, but unlike machines, the bands allow you a full range of motion, ensuring you develop all your muscles. Want to increase the assistance from medium to maximum? Simply stretch the circular band further up to 2.5 times its original length.

Which band is right for me?
We get asked this all the time. We typically suggest a set of bands that corresponds to providing about half of their body weight in assistance to get them over the bar. For some people we might suggest a single band, but usually, we recommend a combination. Why you ask? Since the bands are all the same length, you can combine multiple bands to equal the same assistance as others. When you start you, you can use all the bands in the combo to provide the most assistance. As you get you can remove one of the bands to lower the assistance to account for your new strength. For example, a purple combined with a black band offers roughly the same amount of resistance as a green band while giving you three different levels of assistance (one with the black band, one with the purple band and one with both bands together).

Choose from 7 tension values:

# | Color | Size | Tension
#1 | Orange | 1/4″ | 5-15 lbs
#2 | Red | 1/2″ | 20-35 lbs
#3 | Black | 3/4″ | 30-50 lbs
#4 | Purple | 1 1/8″ | 40-80 lbs
#5 | Green | 1 3/4″ | 50-120 lbs
#6 | Blue | 2 1/2″ | 60-150 lbs
#7 | Black | 4″ | 80-200 lbs
Sale is for a set of TWO BANDS. Set includes one each of: Band #2 RED and Band #2 RED. This set offers a combined tension range of 20-115 lbs (9-52kg). Bands are sold in combinations as described. Not sure which band to get? We’ve included a handy ‘Which Band is Right for Me’ guide in the product images. Choose from the various multi-band combinations to select the tension level. We guarantee there’s a band combination that’s perfect for you!
Bands are sold in combinations by tension level. Please choose from one of 10 expertly selected combinations, ranging from 5 lbs to 370 lbs. Not sure which band to get? We’ve included a handy ‘Which Band is Right for Me’ guide in the product images. We guarantee there’s a band that’s perfect for you!
Our unique 41″ closed loop bands are ideal for assisted pull-ups, power lifting, physical therapy, Pilates, targeted stretching and toning exercises and full-body workouts. With over 200+ possible band exercises there’s not a single fitness/”>muscle in your body that can’t benefit from these bands.
These latex bands are made with quality and comfort in mind. Our natural rubber latex is over 99.998% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens) and the bands can stretch up to two and a half times their original length! They’re BAND-tastic! Please note that effects of use by people with latex sensitivity is unknown and not recommended.
This product ships within 2 business days from North Carolina, USA. All fees and taxes due to foreign import/export regulations will be your responsibility upon receiving the product.