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Sauna Belt, Slimming Body Wrap to Lose Belly Fat, get rid of Cellulite


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Sauna Belts – will help you Lose Belly Fat, get rid of Cellulite, and firm up Jiggly Arms, Slim and Tighten the Hips and Thighs, Reduce Love Handles, Weight Loss, and help you Lose Belly Fat Fast. Slimming Body Wrap, Sauna Belts works by holding in the body heat, increasing the circulation, and compression. This helps sculpt the body and flush toxins and excess water from the treated area. A Sauna Belt is must addition to your Weight Loss or Weight Management Program. Use Body Shaping Sauna Belts to Burn Belly Fat, inches loss, sculpt your body, waist reduction, and get rid of Belly Fat. This Sauna Belt can be used as a Stomach Wrap, Cellulite Reduction Wrap, and on the upper arms. Wear for at least 1 to 2 hours per day, under your clothes or at night while you sleep. Be sure to check out our entire line of Health and Weight Loss Products including Weight Loss Diet Supplements, Weight Loss Body Wraps, and Cellulite Reduction Body Wraps, all from WeightLoss-Solutions.Slimming Body Wrap, Sauna Belt, to Get rid of Belly Fat, and Lose Belly Fat fast
Belly Fat Wrap, Sauna Belt, for Belly Fat Reduction, Cellulite Reduction
A Weight Loss Body Wrap, Inch Loss wrap, Body Wrap for Stomach, thighs and Arms
Sauna Belt is made of Heavy Neoprene and plush fabric with Velcro latch
Adjustable Size: 7″ wide, Length: stretches to 50″