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Fat Loss: Lose Fat Now and Stay Lean Permanently: For Men and Women (English Edition)


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Nash Jocic is one of the most successful fitness experts in the world. He has helped thousands of people to lose fat, look better and live healthy lifestyle. Nash says that fitness/”>fat loss is what matters for achieving better look and healthier body, not weight loss. While weight loss may be totally counterproductive, fitness/”>fat loss is what counts.

This book contains Nash’s unique and superior fitness/”>fat loss approach through positive mental attitude, healthy eating and effective exercise – a perfect formula for everyone who wants to lose fat and stay lean permanently.

About the Author

With over 30 years in fitness industry , Nash Jocic has established himself as an authority in sport nutrition, exercise, fitness/”>fat loss and muscle building. Nash has been a professional athlete and competed in 46 events world wide, wining 17 titles in bodybuilding. He is a public speaker and gives talks all around the world. Nash has published 7 books on exercise, lifestyle, fitness/”>fat loss and nutrition and also produced 17 fitness DVDs for men and women. His unique training method and nutrition advice have already helped thousands around the world to achieve better look and healthier bodies.